Speed ​​up to be the winner of the game and win prizes


There is no gift that you cannot receive by accelerating in the game, passing the levels, collecting high scores, becoming the champion of the rankings and being first! Show off to people in the purple world with your car and collect high scores!


Players fight through various rooms, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries while climbing the tower. Each level offers a unique experience that tests players' abilities and strategies. Along the way, players will gain powerful items and abilities, while encountering dark forces and continuing to explore the tower.



The main goal of the game is to climb the Tower of the 1925 to the highest level and solve its mysteries. However, this is not an easy task for players; the tower, filled with challenging enemies, complex puzzles and dangerous traps, presents a new challenge with every step. Players will need to conquer the tower using their ability to think strategically, use skills and do teamwork.



Challenging Puzzles and Mazes, Various Enemies and Boss Battles, Upgradeable Abilities and Equipment, Rich Story and Characters, Multiple Endings and Side Quests, Atmospheric Graphics and Sounds! Light 2 Live offers a rich world where an RPG fan will find a lot to explore. It allows players to test their ability to think strategically, use skills and embark on adventures.